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Radionic Hi-Tech, Inc. was founded in 1982 and has enjoyed many years of success and continued growth. We are well respected in both the electronic and electrical industries. This success is due to our customer support, strong National Representation and a staff of professional Marketing, Sales and Engineering personnel.

We are well known for our design capabilities and quick response in providing our customers with product that they require in a timely manner, including the necessary safety approvals.

Radionic Hi-Tech's capabilities include: Design, Prototyping, Securing Worldwide Safety Approvals, Private Labeling, Custom Packing and Chicago or Far East Deliveries. Our products include: LED Fixtures, Power Supplies and LED drivers, Chargers and Adapters. Our markets include: Personal, Commercial and Industrial Lighting, Lighting Manufacturers, Computers, Lawn & Garden, Toys, Power Tools, Medical Instruments, Scanners, Paper Shredders, Back Up Drives, and Video Game Consoles.