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4 pack - Sunlite 04382-SU Lens RPG/LFX/DCO32

Item No: CB-0231293 Part No: 04382-SU
CB Preferred
In Stock
$198.56 Pack of 4
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Halco 28098 LENS LVPT Replacement Lens 8Ft

Item No: CB-0231197 Part No: 28098 UPC: 807154280988
CB Preferred
In Stock
$66.08 per item
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In Stock
$47.98 per item
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24 pack - Sunlite 32172-SU Lens BB102 WHITE 4FT COVER/LENS ONLY

Item No: CB-0231134 Part No: 32172-SU UPC: 653703321721
CB Preferred
Limited Stock
$818.40 Pack of 24
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5 pack - Louvers International LI12AC24-.095S Lens 2x4 Replacement

Item No: CB-0237081 Part No: LI12AC24-.095S
  • Form: Acrylic
$110.00 Pack of 5
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Lithonia DFHE Lens for FHE

Item No: CB-0233653 Part No: DFHE UPC: 00745976087012
$103.12 per item
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Lithonia D2FSL2 Lens for FSL 2x2 SKU - 225EF7

Item No: CB-0233463 Part No: D2FSL2 UPC: 00820476953866
$51.99 per item
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Lithonia D2LB48 Lens Lighting Replacement Diffuser

Item No: CB-0246228 Part No: D2LB48
$70.04 per item
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Lithonia DLB48 Lens Acrylic LB narrow body diffuser 4 ft. SKU - 600171

Item No: CB-0231956 Part No: DLB48 UPC: 00784231135969
$58.53 per item
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