In today’s day of IOT (internet of Things), all the classic appliances we own seem to be going smart: refrigerators, washing machines, vacuums, water bottles, and now—light bulbs? Every manufacturer seems to be coming out with their own line of “Smart Bulbs”. Depending on the brand and system, smart lighting is arguably the easiest way to upgrade your home. So what exactly is “Smart Lighting”?

What is Smart Lighting?

Have you ever wanted to control your lighting with your phone? Getting up to physically turn the lamp on and off is soooo 20th century. And what if you are on vacation and you forgot to turn off the bathroom light? Or maybe you are on your way home from work and want to make sure your home is lit up when you get there. Smart Lighting Technology is the answer to all your modern-day lighting conundrums.

With smart lighting, you can control all the lighting in your home with your smartphone, computer, or tablet using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and even wireless radio (depending on the system). And you can do more than adjust your lighting—although that’s helpful too. You can set lighting schedules for the different areas of your house, as well themes for the different activities you do in your house i.e. meal prep, snuggling up for a movie, or a romantic dinner. If your system has colored LED bulbs, you may be able to also adjust the color of your light. All it takes is a couple of effortless taps on your phone.

How Does Smart Lighting Work?

Most smart bulbs connect with a hub, but some connect directly to wifi. You rarely need to fiddle with the bulbs again after they’re set up. The companion app (how you manage the bulbs) will walk you through the installation set up and leave you with a full range of lighting options afterward.

Although bulbs are enough for most people, there are other components to smart lighting you should know about, and they all have their pros and cons, depending on what you’re looking for in light quality, costs, and setup.

Smart Bulbs Shop Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs have a simple install and the price is easier on the wallet than other smart home upgrades. These LEDs can be six times more energy efficient than incandescent lighting. Considering these bulbs can last for over 25,000 hours of use, changing over to these bulbs is cost-effective in the long run. Not to mention they can have a lower impact on the environment, compared to compact fluorescent bulbs, because they don’t contain mercury.

You likely won’t need to change or alter existing fixtures in your home because smart bulbs come in different shapes, sizes, light temperatures, and lumen outputs. If you need brighter bulbs for one room but dimmer for another, you have options.


After installation, you need to download the appropriate app to connect and use the bulbs, but if the light switch is off, the bulbs won’t work, so keep that in mind.

Smart Switches Shop Smart Switches

The switches will require some wiring to work in your home. You’d be exchanging your regular switches for their smart counterparts. The switches use Wi-Fi or a hub. They’re pricier than smart bulbs with the switches averaging about $50 or more.

The main benefit of using a smart switch is that you can use any bulb you want for lighting. If you’re particular about the quality of light in your home, choosing switches over bulbs might suit your needs better. However, it will require more time and effort to install than a bulb, so take that into consideration. Additionally, if you’re renting an apartment, you may not be allowed to tinker around with the electrical wiring. And unlike bulbs, it’s not as easy to remove them quickly when moving to a new location.

5 Benefits of Using Smart Lighting

Although it’s fun to play with your light settings with your smartphone, it’s more than just a cool gimmick. Changing out your regular lighting for smart lighting offers several benefits including simplicity, control, and mood setting.


One of the main reasons to go with a smart lighting system is the ability to set the schedule for your lights. Having them turn on and off at a set time for the various days of the week, as well as the times you know you won’t be home is super convenient.

Comfortable Convenience

Controlling your smart lighting is simple. You can lay in bed, sit at your desk at work, or even be on your phone on a remote island and still have access to your lighting. Smart lighting also helps those who have mobility issues or live in a home with loud, creaky stairs and light sleepers. You won’t have to physically go from room to room when you forget to turn the lights off. With some bulbs, you’re even able to adjust the brightness, intensity, and hue (with the colored LED smart bulbs) from your device.

Personalized Scenes for Every Occasion

Get even more control of your rooms with smart lighting “scenes.” These scenes can change the colors subtly but still have an impact. If you’re big into reading (or someone else in your family is), changing the shading of the light could ease eye strain.

But you can also set the scene for your daily routine. When you wake up, you might want to dim the lights to allow your eyes to adjust comfortably. Or as a way to avoid bothering your partner if they have a different schedule. You just have to select the appropriate scene. Or maybe you only want to turn on the lights by the door for when you’re ready to head out.

People also use scenes when taking a business trip or vacationing. If you’re uncomfortable having the lights off for those few days, you can set the lights to turn on periodically, so it seems like someone is home. Whatever your routine, you can customize your lights for it.

Set the Mood with Color

Adjusting the color wasn’t always a smart lighting benefit, but it’s available now when you use LED bulbs. It’s not just a gimmick. Changing colors can help when you’re watching a movie, reading, or ready for a nap. Certain colors can reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality. And that’s not all. Blue lighting may improve your mood, especially during winter months when the cloud cover is impenetrable, and sunlight is scarce.

Add More with Interior Design

You can go the extra level by using the smart lights to decorate your home. You can change the decor and appearance of your rooms at the drop of a hat with smart lighting. For family gatherings, parties, and hangouts with the friends, smart lighting makes setting the mood even easier.

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